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At Roman Empire Yorkies, we are dedicated to setting both our puppies and their future “parents” up for success.  We invite you to browse our website. We look forward to helping you select and prepare for your newest family member’s arrival!

We educate, prepare, and support our clients.  We’ll help you select the best puppy for you/your family and provide support “for life”.

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Our “Puppy Parents”

Prior to sale, our puppies are inspected/certified healthy, trained to use pee-pads, and preconditioned for clicker training.

We sell high quality, CKC registered, healthy, socialized, and partially trained Yorkie Pups as pets or as support/therapy dogs.

All our puppies are carefully bred for both BEAUTY  

(conformation/color/coat) and BRAINS (intelligence/temperament).

Veterinarian Owned and Operated

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Peggi E.

Kim G.

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We are delighted with our new Parti Yorkie!  Selecting the right puppy is important and we were met with professional advice and quality options.  We were so impressed with the love these dogs are shown and the socialization they are offered. It is rewarding to bring home a puppy that is healthy, loving and playful.

I was not looking for another yorkie. But I heard about this retired vet that lived down the street that had gorgeous yorkies. When I walked into the room, I saw several little yorkies, but Gidget stood out to me above all the rest. Since I had a tiny yorkie already that was only 2.4 lbs., I was concerned about how they may interact. Gidget has a very laid back, sweet personality. She had a sister that was charting to be smaller than Gidget, but Robin explained to me that she had an alpha personality, while Gidget, though bigger would be the best fit with my Cubby. The first time I held her, I just knew she was meant to be with us.

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Ocean Pearl Parti Yorkie

Leilani Mae

Traditional Yorkie


Premier, Lovable Yorkies


Our Website & Facebook Page showcases premier, and the most lovable Yorkies we home throughout the State of Florida and most of the country.  


Many of our pet lovers have multiple Yorkies from Roman Empire Yorkies and we would enjoy speaking with you.


Available Beautiful Puppies, Click here.

Meet Gold N Sapphire, Click here.

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Sapphire Loves to Model!


Sapphire is a lovable, friendly, cuddly and personality plus Yorkie who’s owner frequently visits with Robin Taylor to showcase how much Sapphire loves to model.  Please enjoy some of Sapphire’s modeling by clicking here.

Meet Gold N Sapphire

Sapphire has taken the Internet by Storm with her loving personality, showcase expressions and unique character.  Sapphire loves to model!  Sapphire is a Roman Empire Yorkie and one of “The Gibson Girls” (a family that has multiple Yorkies from Robin Taylor).  

Meet Crystal

Crystal is a smart, sweet spirited, playful and lovable lap puppy.  She loves to be cuddled and held.

Meet Tzar

Tzar (male, below) & Crystal (see her on website) are our newest additions to our “Gold-N” Roman Empire Yorkie Golddust (also known as Blonde Parti) line.   Both hail from St. Petersburg, Russia.  We expect Tzar to be a proud Daddy in the Spring and Crystal to be a first time Mommy in the Fall of 2020.