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At Roman Empire Yorkies, we only sell our puppies to homes who want them as family members or therapy dogs. We maintain close, long-term working relationships with our “puppy parents”. We believe in honor and the “keep it simple” principle. Our puppies are bred to be the perfect pet and companion for any person or family.

Buying Your New Puppy

To ensure the buying process goes smoothly for both puppies and parents, we outline everything you will need to know and do before you take home your new baby.

We prepare and support our puppy parents

1. Once you choose a puppy, we require a $400.00 deposit (payable by personal check, bank check, money order, or cash) to hold your baby until he / she is ready to go home with you.  Our deposit are refundable or transferable. Our goal is to insure the right puppy is placed in the right home. NOTE:  If you are picking your puppy up within 2 weeks of your deposit, we can NOT accept personal checks.


2. Once you have made a deposit on your puppy, we consider you “part of our doggie family”.  We encourage you to call / text / email if you have questions or concerns.  (Consider this “self-serving” on our parts; the better prepared you are, the better parent you will be of “our” beloved baby!)


3. When you pick up your new puppy, you will need to bring the remainder of your balance in cash. (Please note: I am a veterinarian, not a business person. This policy helps to ensure I can focus my efforts on animal care / training, educating / assisting clients and rescuing unfortunate dogs rather than “chasing checks and money orders”.)


4. If you decide to ship your puppy:


a. Please go to the “Handout” tab in our website and read it thoroughly; note that financial requirements are DIFFERENT!


b. Please think over this method very carefully and ship your puppy ONLY if there is NO other alternative.  Again, we will discuss all options at length with you.  


5. When you pick up your puppy, we will give you the following paperwork:


a. Our health record on your puppy from birth; it will include all vaccinations and wormers / parasite treatments given and will note any health issues your puppy had.


b. A Florida Health Certificate (Validates your dog was examined by a licensed Fl. Veterinarian and found to be properly vaccinated and free of internal or external parasites.  Additionally, any significant physical deformities or abnormalities will be annotated.)


c. Your puppy’s CKC registration paper.  NOTE:  Since we ONLY sell our puppies for family members or therapy dogs, we will clearly mark the paperwork, “NOT FOR BREEDING."


The complete process of buying our puppies

Call to learn more about buying one of our beautiful and healthy Yorkie babies


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