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All of our puppies are raised in our home and around children. They are extremely socialized; they are held and played with multiple times a day. Every puppy is bathed and groomed at least weekly. All puppies started on pee-pad training from the moment they come out of their whelping box (at about 3 weeks old.)


We continue to their training, including jumping over 6-inch gates and up to a 20 X 20 room until they go home with their new parents. Additionally, we condition all of our puppies to clicker training which you can learn more about here.  


Adult dogs: All of our adult dogs live in Sandra’s home as members of her family and run free on two fenced, oak-covered acres.

Our Puppies and Dogs and Our Goals for Breeding

  • Golden

  • Chocolate

  • Parti or F-1 parti

  • Small standard: 4-6 lbs.

  • Tiny: less than 4lbs.

  • Larger: 7-9 lbs.

  • “Kid-friendly” sized

Healthy and beautiful puppies are our passion

Roman Empire Yorkies has a unique history; we have RESCUE as our roots. We actually started 36 years ago as “Pooh Corner Rescue” when a wonderful woman named Sandra Rodriguez opened her home to “thrown away” small dogs in the Panama City, FL area. As there were no local 501C animal rescue organizations at that time, Sandra quickly became known by the local animal shelters and veterinary offices.


Soon she had more than 50 hungry mouths to feed / house / care for. She decided her best option to raise money was to start breeding her personal Yorkies and to use the money from puppy sales to take care of the rescue dogs.


Over time, she lovingly and carefully created a line of some of the smartest, most beautiful, well-tempered traditional Yorkies in the world. As for me; I am both a retired veterinarian and a retired USAF Colonel. When I retired from the military in 2003, I became a surgeon at a low-cost spay / neuter facility in Panama City; that is where I met Sandra.  


We soon became partners in rescue efforts. Several years later, I took over her breeding and puppy sales programs and began raising the puppies in my home. We transitioned from Pooh Corner Rescue to Roman Empire Yorkies in 2014, when another wonderful person named Dorathy Lundquist sold us her business—including her exceptional Golden, Chocolate, and Parti-Yorkies.

About our history

Call us to discuss your new Yorkie puppy and set up a time to see our

available puppies


Our practices and policies are all based on our roots in RESCUING dogs. It is important to know the top two reasons small dogs end up in rescue:


a. The number one reason small dogs end up in rescue is they never were “matched” properly with their families in the first place.  


b. Someone in the family had or developed allergies to dog fur. NOTE: Yorkies have HAIR, not fur; thus, they are hypoallergenic dogs.


1. Thus, while we are proud of the outstanding quality, intelligence and temperaments of our puppies, we ONLY sell puppies as FAMILY MEMBERS / PETS or THERAPY / SERVICE DOGS. NO EXCEPTIONS.  (Remember: our roots are in rescue; thank you for respecting our policy.)


2. We put a great deal of effort into ensuring we know the personalities of BOTH our puppies and their prospective owners.  NOTE:  Our biggest concern with internet advertising is people tend to pick their “perfect puppy” based solely on how “cute” the puppy’s pictures are.  


While we are proud of how beautiful our babies are, we want to work closely with our clients; before you purchase a puppy from us, we will want you to tell us what you want / expect from your puppy and we will ALWAYS let you know if we think the puppy you picked will be a good match for you and your family.


3. We will ALWAYS take one of our puppies back—for any reason and at any time (some people even include instructions in their Wills to ensure their baby will be well taken care of in case of their incapacitation or death). Our pledge to you is simple: if you give your baby back to us, we will either find him / her a safe / loving home or he / she can stay at our rescue (NO cages!) for the rest of their life.


4. We ONLY sell puppies that are:


a. HEALTHY: ALL puppies will have been eating on their own for at least three weeks, have age appropriate vaccinations, be free of worms / internal parasites and external parasites including fleas and mites, and will have had an independent veterinary examination, including an official Florida Veterinary Health Inspection to validate vaccinations and check for parasites, diseases or physical flaws, prior to sale.


b. SOCIALIZED: ALL of our puppies are held / played with every day and bathed / groomed at least weekly.  Additionally, ALL of our puppies will be at least partially pee pad trained and started on clicker training too!




i. Use of pee-pads


ii. Clicker (positive reward) training

Our practices and policies

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